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Mbosso has made major moves shortly after joining Wasafi Records. His star had started shining when he joined Yamoto Band and abruptly it dimmed.

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Life got rough for him and decided to go back home. He had a big name with nothing to show.

Mbosso is a prayerful guy. He believes in God guidance always. Even before joining Wcb Wasafi,he used to pray. That one day they will have a house where all his family members will have a personal room. They used to stay under one roof.

I remember during a certain Ramadan period,I went to pray at night with my brother Jay Mo. I prayed God to fulfill some of my dreams. To have wisdom towards my bosses and not to forget where I come from. Not to forget those who helped me and give me strength to help my parents.

Mbosso while speaking with Global Publishers revealed that he does pray to God for various requests.

Truly God has been faithful to Haijakaa Sawa singer. Recently he accomplished one oh his dreams. He purchased a Toyota Prado,his dream vehicle.

Mbosso owns a house in Dar courtesy of his music. He has blessed his parents with a house and a vehicle too.

Last year I never managed to fully accomplish my plans. I thank God that this year I have built a house for my parents though somethings are yet completion. I also gifted them a car that will ease their movement. We are a big family and it will help them big.