Before Konde Gang come to be,Tanzania music industry was dominated with two rivalry teams. Team Kiba and Team Mond. It was either of the two. With Harmonize leaving wasafi,the teaming issue by fans slowly died. But right now,it’s back. Not by fans but,celebrities are forming teams rallying behind their perceived Bongo music leader.

Controversial blogger Mange Kimambi has exposed who Alikiba is. Many think that the cinderella singer is a cool guy to chill with and stuff. According to Mangi,you’re mistaken. She terms Alikiba as a man full of himself. A singer who despite what you’ve done to him,his ego won’t allow him to appreciate you.

Diamond Platnumz is the opposite of Alikiba on this. He does everything for the cameras. The WCB Boss has on several accession awarded his diehard fans on spot.

Mange is a a big fan of Alikiba and a certified critic of Diamond Platnumz. However, she has shared that not expecting anything in return from Ally is what has made her support him for long.

Alikiba was in Los Angeles for an event,as a big fan of him,Mange turned up. To show support and stuff. She went straight to his hotel room. Alikiba showed sexual advances and wanted to get intimate with her. Taking advantage of her extreme love for him. As a fan,that is a line that Mange couldn’t allow him to do.

The aftermath of the small misunderstanding led to the American based blogger get snubbed during the entire show. She wondered how not getting banged by Alikiba rendered her that bad treat. Afterwards she texted King Kiba on WhatsApp to carry for her a small package to her sibling back home. She was brushed off.

All siad and done, Alikiba talked ill about Mange to his assigned driver. It puzzles me how she got to know that. Button line,she knows Alikiba as a man full of pride. Once you disrespect him,the his revenge is unmatched!