Konshens Sets To Perform In Kenya This September

Dancehall King will be jetting in Kenya this year. To be precise, he will be here on September 7th.

Konshens will be performing at the The Hype Festival.

Ethic will be performing also. The upcoming group have a collabo with the Jamaican star,Figa Remix.

Some of the notable artists that are sidelined to perform that day include;Kansoul,Sailors, Ochungulo,Nviiri the storyteller,Gwash,Chris Kaiga & Bensoul. As you can see most of the artists are new in the game but their works have made them to perform in that big stage.

All roads will lead to Ngong Racecourse on 7th September. Advance tickets go for Ksh.2000

KONSHENS (@konshens) Tweeted:
Sept 7th. Coming Home?.
@GMONEYizME @hype_xp @telehmani https://t.co/d63lVxkGqn (https://twitter.com/konshens/status/1149081654599847936?s=17)