Kompakt Recordz ( Home Of African Sounds ) is one of the fast raising recording label in Kenya. It has some of the biggest hits under its production.

Kompakt mnagement team comprises of Steven Ogechi who happens to be the C.E.O and also founder OF THE kompakt Records. Below the CEO,is the marketing Director,Buganya aka Gabu(bugubugu) as the marketing director. Cmb Prezzo is also part of the Kompakt Recordz Family. Viva Jeez is the amongest the assistant Managing director.

Kompakt Recordz has a number of producers. They include, Yellow Bizzo,Kash Keed,iLogos Music and the self proclaimed beat king,Magix Enga.

Normal recording charges starts at Ksh.20,000. This include marketing of the project done.

Currently Kompakt We have two months recording offer on 5,000ksh without marketing..

Get Kompakt Recordz ;

  • Hoods at Ksh.3000

  • T-shirts & Caps at Ksh. 1000

Kompakt Recordz Contacts +254724966920