Know Majirani Hardest Moment In Prison Life


Life behind bars is a crazy one. People have served different jail terms and all of them have almost similar experience.

Meek Mill and many others have been in jail and locally Tukumbukeko hit maker Majirani is of no exception. I know this comes like a shock to many. Yes,Majirani was locked up in jail.

Majirani has confessed to Word Is,that he was in jail for an year. His father had him locked behind bars for dropping out of school. Majirani who is back in the music industry after being away for many years has shared his traumatizing moments while in jail.

In jail he was being eaten by lice. Lice are considered ‘government animals.’ And you are not supposed to kill them,it’s a punishable crime.

As if that ain’t enough,the genge artist was nearly raped. “Am thankful to God ( the attack failed ).” – Majirani Confessed

For Majirani,prison taught him to respect people. For him freedom is more important than all the money in the word.

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