Know About Rosa Ree And Her Music Management

Rosa Ree is the baddest female hip hop artist in Tanzania right now,undebatable!

What you need to know is that despite all the success she is having lately, ‘Goddess’ as she calls herself is not under any management. She is a free spirit and the sole decision maker as far as his art is concerned. She knows the struggle a management goes through especially finding a show for an artist. She is more exposed and handles her challenges at first hand. This makes her enjoy the fruits of her hard work.

The inter webs has it that the Asante Baba Remix maker is rude and can’t be contained in a management label. She says everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. With that Rosa can’t change but,she says she is not rude.

At first she was signed with a South Africa management label. Under that label things seemed cool for her. She enjoyed a free vehicle and house and everything catered for in terms of her music. However,the when the contract ended,they parted ways.

Her second management had personal company issues that she never revealed. They had to let her continue with her works as they sort out their issues. Later,they might find her out incase they want to work with her.