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The OG has been affected also in a big way by the Covid-19 pandemic. His many music projects including other side hustles he runs are on hold. Currently he is at home with his family.

nyimbo mpya download

Being a dad and a celebrity at the same time is a challenge balancing the two demanding tasks. Right now he got a lot of time to help in house chores. Something he enjoys doing.

khaligraph jones kid
khaligraph jones & his kid

Talking with Mzazi Tuva on phone, Khaligraph Jones shared that being a father has opened up his mind. He now thinks differently knowing he has someone looking up for him. Above all having a kid to him is blessing upon blessing.

Khaligraph Jones also touched on the money set aside by the president for artists. Though he praised the government’s move,he remained opportunistic of the chanel that will be used to distribute the funds.

The institutions in place are corrupt. Unless there is change, then artists won’t benefit much from the money.

Secondly he highlighted that each artist should be rewarded according to their efforts.

Am not selfish but I think instead of sharing the money equally, every artists should be given share according to work performance.

Finally corona virus has taught Khaligraph Jones a lifetime lesson.

It’s good to save. Just incase of the same thing happens again. Being diverse & not putting all the eggs in one basket is an important lesson I have learnt. Lets not depend on one thing. It’s good be diverse for fear of the unknown.

To fellow artists,he advice them to invest wisely