khadija kopa ft zuchu

Legendary Taarab artiste Khadija Kopa has reacted after her daughter was signed under Diamond Platnumz label,WCB. In her IG she expressed her joy towards Zuchu.

For each step,make a prayer so that God may bless you much more. It has been your dream for long and you have reached half of it.

Zuchu’s mother also advised her daughter that she is at the best place and should stick there.

Am so happy and may Allah stand with you together with your bosses and your labelmates in order to do great things and achieve more. Relax where you are because it’s the best place to be. I love you so much my daughter.

Khadija Kopa Reaction After Her Daughter Zuchu Gets Signed At WCB

khadija kopa ft zuchu

With her mother’s blessings, we hope that Zuchu will stick at Wasafi for long.