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Ken Rel Bis is, by all accounts, a household name in Kenya. His television show #Ymashariki is arguably the biggest entertainment show in the country.

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The program airs on Y254 TV Mondays 7:30pm to 9:30pm.

Ymashariki is a programme that offers an authoritative look into the East African music scene, sampling artists and hits from countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.

Ken Rel Bis age

Ken Rel Bis was born in Kilifi 1997 September 26th and later his parents moved to Eldoret .

He was send back to Kilifi to stay with his grandmother where he schooled at Mnarani Primary School and Sir Ali Bin Salim Malindi.

Life for him was not a walk in the park, he struggled to make ends meet from a tender age.

He has done all kind of hustles as, Mjengo, Selling Smokies , nail art among many.
Ken Rel Bis show

His breakthrough came when he became part of Ymashariki as a residential guest , on a 15 minutes gossip segment (Dondoo)and later on he became the main host up to now.

He has worked with different Stations before Y254, on shows like Saturday Fiesta on Hero Radio where he was an entertainment reporter as well as Clouds FM Tanzania and Swahiba FM Zanzibar .

Ken Rel Bis Biography

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