Kairetu By Kappy

kappy kairetu

I must confess that way before I haven’t listened to kappy songs. He was featured in some Gengetone tunes and going by how that new wave was releasing songs I couldn’t sample all songs.

Recently I happened to listen to Kappy latest song Kairetu and that song is another level. Kappy is talented and given time with the current pace he has set, then his music will be somewhere. Kairetu is a kikuyu word referring to a lady. In the the song Kairetu, Kappy praises a certain Luo girl that she is obsessed with and wishes to be his. Promising to offer her top-notch affection.

Verse two kappy rap flow makes you play this song on repeat mode. This song hits well indeed.

Am eagerly waiting to see the creativity that will applied on Kairetu visuals. Vibe Mtaani will update you when the video drops. Listen Kairetu audio here.