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Juma Jux is single and not taking chances to be single. He is on market and after leaving her recent relationship with Nayika Thongom,a model from Thailand.

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Intelligence . Juma Jux wants an intelligent lady in her life. Smart upstairs is what he looks into a lady before even the physical appearance. For Jux,he wants beauty with brains. An intelligent lady willl pose challenges for him about life.

Independent. Jux expounds further that he wants an independent lady. A lady that hustles and runs her own life. As for him,an independent lady is always confident. The singer insists that he is not avoiding to foot their bills.

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It’s evidently that all his ex’s were independent. Vanessa Mdee is a multi talented artiste and Nayika Thongom is a model.

Above all,the Utaniua singer makes it clear that he can date from anywhere around the world.