juma jux ex lover

Celebrities breakups is a normal thing in the showbiz. Celebrities dating their exes and breaking up with them again is also a trend. Today Vibe Mtaani Gossip descends on Juma Jux dating issue.

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Juma Jux had a strong but shaky relationship with Vanessa Mdee for 6 years. However, the two singers decided to do away with it and take a different route. Juma Jux love star made him fly to china while Vee Money decided to land in Nigeria where she found Rotimi.

While on interview with FNL show of EATV,Juma Jux shared that he and his ex Jack Cliff never dumped each other. This is despite the fact that she knew that Jux was in another relationship.

Jux added that Jack Cliff will be set free soon. However, many are still waiting to see if they will get back together.
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The vixen was arrested and charged possessing drugs worth $137,720 on 19th Dec 2013 in China . She had hid 1.1 kg of heroine in her body.

Juma Jux Might Replace Vanessa Mdee Gap With His Ex

juma jux ex lover