Jovial Taps Fans From Mejja Collabo

The Mejja Major’s Effect

Mejja is a big deal this year. Each and every song he has been featured in,turns out to be massive. He has that thing that makes a song standout. Be it the hook or a catchy phrase. Mejja utawezana

Mejja was featured in Pakua by Jovial. And as a matter of fact,within 3 days the song has reached somewhere that Jovial couldn’t do alone easily.

Dekeza that she featured Arrow Bwoy is at 169k views while her single Deejay is at 245k views. Both songs were done about an year ago. Jovial has been consistent with her work. Delivering timeless music like Tantarira,Gubu and Harusi that she worked with Wyse under Hailemind Management.

Within 3 days Pakua had 266k views on YouTube. Getting more than 60k views on the third day. Meaning that the collabo paid off. The gubu singer has gained more fans by tapping on Mejja’s fanbase.

This year alone Mejja has worked on hits including Kalale and Prakata. Femi one ft mejja utawezana was the biggest of all.

Jovial shone to the industry with her song Unakosa Raha. Some of her notable songs include Kila La Heri and Chanda Chema.