Jimmy Gait Hints On Quitting Music

So Jimmy Gait is dropping the mic officially. Jimmy Gait is having enough of what made him,music career. For the longest time that we know, The Muhadhara singer has been facing cyber bullying something that really did more harm to him psychologically.

Recently he was in India for treatment after having some throat pains. Initially he revealed how Kenyan doctors mishandled his case something that could have seen him not so sing anymore.

According to an exclusive talk he had with a popular blog TUKO.CO.KE Jimmy gait said that he had done his final project while in India. The project is yet to be released. Afterwards,it will be a done business with the music industry.

What next for Jimmy?

The song that I shot in India is the last one,but I will announce future plans once the video is out.

I have a feeling that he might start a foundation to fight for better health care or probably something to do with cyber bullying. Jimmy Gait also runs a number of businesses while also do motivation talks in various events.