Is Jalang’o Exposing Ringtone Fake Life?

Gospel artist Alex Apoko is slowly turning into a school boy. He might be a grown up but his actions are bringing him down.

I don’t remember when last Ringtone did his show nor remember his song but I can say what he is posting. Ringtone has been on everyone neck and acting as a holy person. He has been posting a lot of stuff online and now almost everyone is fed up with him.

Apoko tends to know everything I may brand him another version of Alai or Nyakundi. That was not the topic of today. Jalang’o has decided to open advice Ringtone as a brother. In his advice,Jalang’o might be revealing Ringtone’s fake like. For instance the warning letter that he posted online and did a video of it.

Thia is an open advice to Ringtone,“Ringtone Apoko can you please stop your dramas and sing. Please stop your jokes and sing. Ringtone stop your side shows just sing. You should also do away with these things of writing warning
letters to yourself, you are the chairman, the residents, your cows, the secretary, just sing.” Jalas Advice