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Khaligraph Jones has again created a buzz online this time with Instagram Girls. I like the delivery of the song and how he creates imagery to whomever is listening to the song.

Nyimbo mpya

Instagram girls is a good catchy story stort that ends badly. We all know how Instagram pictures pose threat to many. IG has seen many go out of their lanes to get pictures and flaunt online how their lives are successful. And it’s in this context that Khaligraph Story begins.

Waking up fatigued,the OG logs onto his IG to catch up the latest gossips only to find a rare Dm from a brown sassy. As many could do,he accepts the friend request upon bring impressed by her IG handle.

From a request for being taken for a trip, Khaligraph Jones doesn’t hesitant to give out his number. After a linking out in his crib,boom the worse happens. Thinking that he had won a jackpot not knowing what was in the entire package.

Don’t let Instagram girls controll you. Papa Jones regained consciousness only to find his Phone, wallet and everything gone. IG girls are lethal,stay focused when dealing with them.

Watch the song below and let us know how you feel it.