Inside Wahu Kagwi’s House During Covid-19


Wahu is a celebrated artiste in Kenya. Currently she is at home together with her family. She shared with Mzazi Tuva how she is fairing on amidst coronavirus pandemic.

The mother of two girls just like any other people and artistes, she has faced challenges that were brought by the covid-19. Her hustle in the entertainment industry is at a stand still. Her Salon business is also down.

At one time she a teacher to their daughters and the other time she is busy up with other house chores. Finally as a mothe,she sets up the mood of their home and ensure everyone is well.

During this challenging times,Wahu explains that their family bond has grown stronger. This is the fact that they are spending quality family time together as a way of making better use of the situation.

Wahu kagwi age

By being so close to their kids,they have noticed some cool hidden talents that the kids posses.

Tumiso Nyakwea is a good dancer. She got those moves that I love from. Her dad is also sharpening her basketball skills.

Nyakio Mathenge who is the last born of Wahu & Nameless is really funny and she is the family comedian. She got the family cracked up always.

The celebrated couple are creating music as they are at home. Most of the time the two artistes are busy writing music.

Wahu revealed that his hubby can be on phone for more than 2hrs. She thinks that Nameless rambling time is a way of coping up now that he doesn’t meet with his friends.

Finally Wahu had a message to parents.

Creat memories with your kids. Bond much as a family. This is unexpected precious time that should be utilized fully with parents.

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