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If Diamond Platnumz could trash his ego and settle down with his baby mama Zari Hassan,then the wasafi CEO could have saved his relationship drama. However, money and fame have got into his head. His bang bang aura is not settling down whenever’s he spots a fine girl.

I acknowledge the fact that he has done much in uniting the East African Community something that respective countries have failed to do. With Zari Hassan as his wife,his career and net worth is on upward projection. Zari made Diamond Platnumz brand grow immensely. The believe that Diamond Platnumz doing a wedding will make him lose her female fans is wrong! I blame his close friends and family, whom may think Diamond Platnumz is on the right track.

With Hamisa Mobetto,we will experience more drama than the power couple celebrity thing. As for Tansha Donna,I lack something to say. At least she revealed that she tried her level best to contain Simba but her efforts were fruitless. She couldn’t tame a lion.

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Though much have been on Zari Hassan end,It will need a strong force to make her forget the black rose she posted on Valentine’s day, The Ugandan socialite is busy hustling and raising her kids in SA.

Not unless Diamond Platnumz humbles himself and settle with Zari Hassan,then let hims look for a good woman to settle with,doing away with Tanasha Donna and Hamisa Mobetto. If not so,Wasafi Celebrities Gossip will be unending.

diamond platnumz latest news gossip