Ibraah Emotional Message To Harmonize

Was it not for Harmonize,then we would never have come to know Ibraah soon. He is a talented young man whose singing prowess is on another level. He has released good music and hits like One Night Stand since he was signed with Konde Music Label. Just hours after Harmonize praising his former boss for identifying him,his own artist has done the same for him.

Ibraah has opened up how he used to struggle in the past. Singing in the streets to get some coins to feed his mom and siblings. After meeting Konde Boy,things changed for the better. He was fortunate to be the first artist to be signed under Konde Gang Label.

Now the young artist who had given up on his music career is taking good care of his family . Not a single day he saw it coming that East Africa will listen and like his music. With Harmonize as his boss, that has been possible and he is looking up for him to attain more goals.

The Nani singer has promised his boss to forever have him in his heart. He is more of a father to him. Praying for him to succeed more and help others too.