I Stand With Moustapha Today On His Gay Allegations


Colonel Moustapha is back again in the trending stories in Kenya. This started way back like two weeks ago. Trap King Chrome posted that Moustapha is gay. And that’s where the story began. I don’t take the guy serious though. So,Moustapha went ahead and clarified that Nairobi Diaries owes him alot of cash and are using Trap to divert the issue.

Things settled down after his then girlfriend come up to support him and add that they are just tarnishing the former Deux Vultures name.

Yesterday again, Trap King Chrome started the gay stories about Moustapha. This time revealing that his ‘boyfriend’ gay partner lives in Utawala. Weuh. What got my eyes is Noti’s flow reaction to the story. She didn’t defe

Moustapha has come out clearly to say he dumped Noti Flow two months earlier. This is after being informed by his mother that Noti Flow was seeing another white man behind her back.

Now Moustapha wonders how Noti couldn’t tell how he was gay in the two years they were together? And that’s where I stand with him!

Gay Colonel Moustapha
Colonel Moustapha
Noti Flow girlfriend

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