Simani Joshua alias Josh of the Amos and Josh group has revealed how his relationship with Merlyne Chepchumba started.

Nyimbo mpya

Josh and Merlyne posted a video in which they talked about their relationship. The singer revealed that his baby mama made the first move on him when he went to KTN studios for an interview.

“I met Chep at her place of work. Like there was this chic, ambaye alikuwa ananiangalia kama kuna kitu anadai so I thought, why can’t
I have her? We start sliding into each other’s DMs before we exchanged numbers,” said Josh.

Josh also opened up about their first date, he reveals that Merlyne decided to spoil him as he gave him his debit card and the PIN and
told him to order whatever he wanted.

“She gave me her PIN and asked me to order for whatever I wanted. We did drinks and later, I found myself in South B, at her place, so
clearly she chipod me,” Josh recounted.

Merlyne disclosed that Josh was a bit ‘reluctant’, she explains that the singer only used to text her whenever he felt like doing so.

“Josh used to reply my texts only whenever he used to feel like. One day he said he was coming to my place in South B after work. I lied to him that I was staying with my sister after which he went MIA,”said Merlyne.

The two were blessed with a baby girl in 2018