Harmonize New Year Message To Diamond Platnumz

New year brings new vibe and new resolutions. This applies for almost everyone.

Harmonize has decided to try and patch things up with his former boss. Stating how he loves him so much. Especially for changing his life. Crediting all the success he has got to Diamond Platnumz.

Harmonize goes ahead to say that all he has done is to make Diamond Platnumz proud. Urging Simba to take his time alone and reflect on his post. That way he will understand him better.

harmonize apologies to diamond

Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize fellout after Uno singer ditched WCB Wasafi and starting his own label. The two never see each other eye to eye. However, they have been in the same venue especially during the campaign period of H.E John Pombe.
Harmonize latest gossip

Konde Boy wraps it up by tagging Diamond Platnumz and assuring him that the whole of his team,Konde Gang loves him. He is a living legend.