After landing into Tanzania from his US tour,Harmonize spared almost 75 minutes at Julius Nyerere airport spilling beans about his former recording label,WCB Wasafi. Exposing what transpires at wasafi and maybe many if not all the music labels at large.

The Konde Boy had to terminate his 15- years contract. Which doesn’t make sense especially in the ever changing music industry.

Harmonize revealed how his boss was taking 60% of all revenues from his music. This was money from anything that the matatizo singer would make. From shows to cooperate endorsements.

At Wasafi,Harmonize was supposed to release only two songs per year for the 15 years! Is this for real? In the four years Harmonize was at Wasafi,only 9 songs were recorded by the label. The other 50 songs that he released,he had to foot the bills. Sadly, even those songs,Diamond Platnumz took the 60% revenue share.

Jeshi went on to reveal how his collaboration with Reekado Bank costed him. For not getting approval from manager Sallam SK,Wasafi fined him $5500 dollars. This is despite the fact they Wasafi fanbase was to expand to Nigeria and Simba getting his fat share.

The crazy part comes here. Do you remember Kainama song that Harmonize featured Burna Boy and Diamond Platnumz? To perform that song with Burna Boy,Harmonize was supposed to $11,000 dollars. There’s is a beef between Diamond Platnumz and Burna Boy something that was evident in the Kainama video. The two are not in any scene together. Infact Diamond Platnumz never went to Nigeria.

Among other many stuffs, Jeshi claims his father was not allowed to visit him at Wasafi headquarters. They feared he might bewitch Diamond Platnumz.

When the now Konde Music Worldwide was tired and couldn’t take anymore, he decided to quit. It wasn’t easy either. He was to cough $300,000 dollars to get his music rights or remain mute till 9 years elapse.

Efforts to reach amicable solution was futile. Even Sandra Mama Dangote thought Harmonize wanted to dim his son’s star.