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Hamisa Mobetto Doesn’t Miss Her Exes

Hamisa Mobetto Doesn’t Miss Her Exes

Hamisa Mobetto is a talented lass from Bongo. She has many titles under her name. Despite all the strides she makes in the entertainment industry, her love story is one that you can’t ignore to give your time to. Mobetto has shared that she doesn’t miss her exes.

The mother of two has two know exes, the fathers of her babies. Ironically, her kids are from two men who were not close buddies, rivals. She had her first child Fancy with Majizzo and Abdul with Naseeb aka Diamond Platnumz.

The video queen has referred herself as the good ex. Who knows her position and sticks to her lane. Sharing that once she is done with then she doesn’t care no more about you.

Hamisa Mobetto who is also a fashion model reveals that she doesn’t wish any of her ex karma. To her, relationship start and end,it’s not a big deal. She focuses on what makes her happy once love hits hard rock.

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