Gengetone Sailors Gang Member Leaves Group To Gospel Industry

Lexxy Young a member of gengetone group,Sailors Gang has left the group. Noy to go solo but he has changed his own genre of music.

Via his Instagram page the young rapper has shared the unexpected messgae to his group and fans. Wishing the rest of the group all the best and his undying support.

Lexxy Young

Am sorry mabro for this..And it’s with many tears Bana.. Tumekuwa pamoja have done alot and achieve alot mih I wish you all the best in your journey. Mih nmeamua to take n gospel industry promise sitawainamisha uko  and promise to always have your backs GOSPEL ARTISTS HERE I COME….

As Lexxy Young is expecting to be welcomed to the gospel ministry, there is less information why he has ditched gengetone music. Perhaps its not of the hype it had at first? Time will tell.