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Femi One shared with Mambo Mseto her past life experience. While joining the industry, the rapper faced a tough time to make it. Constantly being discriminated of her rap style.

Nyimbo mpya

Rapping in sheng and being ghetto is something that posed a challenge to Femi Uno. She was not appreciated of whom she was.

Entertainment industry is not easy. The same industry that is supporting and representing today,back then never recognized her. Being from Ghetto made it no better.

From day one,I knew I was special. Growing up ghetto and speaking in sheng many thought I was a goon. Nevertheless I had something in me that was unique.

Faking was never part of Utawezana hitmaker while joining the industry. Something that made her be disrespected.

Authenticity and being whom I’m is what have brought me here. If I were to give up,then I wouldn’t be here.

Incase you wanna give up,then not today nor tomorrow. Like Femi One, be your own cheerleader.

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