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As an artist branding is key for your growth. This is the image you portray and being able to be identified easily. Many artists seek professional services on branding and some even go for image consultancy. I have already highlighted the benefits one gains from branding.

nyimbo mpya download

Femi One shares her journey towards her now image that many have come to know. Rocking dyed short hair.

I love fashion and for the longest time I have been looking for a hairstyle that will make me standout.

Femi One tried braids in the past but they were so common . As for wigs,it made her look more of a socialite and all she wanted was something artistic.

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That’s how she ended up shaving her hair. She decided to be applying dye on it and playing with different colours. It worked wonders and she is always playing with her image by applying a different dye on her hair.

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One thing that is evident about Femi One personality, is happiness. I bet you will find her smiling,laughing or having a good time anytime. It’s never a dull day with Femi Uno.

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Her jovial personality is extended to the way she dresses. Rocking in colourful outfits mostly. Wearing those chains & blings,ear rings and glasses complete her look.

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