February 2020 Vibe Chart

1. Iyo Mama By Alikiba Ft

2. Mare Mare By Matata Ft Lamaz Span & K.O.B

3. Dochido By Mbosso Ft Diamond Platnumz

4. Chura By Boondocks Gang

5. Murata Wa Ngai By Samidoh

6. Rotate By Diamond Platnumz Ft Wizkid

7. Better By Tekno

8. Sesa By Shay Diva

The second month of 2020 is here. And the Kenya Music is being consumed at large scale. The Vibe Chart didn’t change in a big way but,there is a new entry. Sesa by Shay Diva. The lass has taken the entertainment scene by storm. Her song trashed new songs to get a spot at Vibe Chart. Aluta by Ochungulo and Chomeka by Dragon didn’t make it to the list. We hope to see if they will live upto their standards and be in the list.

Chura by Boondocks Gang moved 4 slots up. The song is doing well so far. Mare Mare By Matata moved one slot up. Mare Mare song is a hit and giving big names like Alikiba and Mbosso in the list a hard time. However, Iyo Mama by Alikiba moved to position one,making Dochido by Diamond to go down to position two.

Rotate by Diamond entered the list. This might be after the much hyped Wasafi Festival. And we witnessed Maringo by Diamond Platnumz also exit the list.