Fashionista By Arrow Bwoy Sparks Beef With Magix Enga

Fashionista by Arrow Bwoy is his latest song that dropped five days ago.

The song has caused a buzz in the showbiz industry by it’s budget. Arrow Bwoy claims the video costed him a whooping Ksh.1 million. Breaking down the budget for you; He used an international director from Brazil,4 video vixens each pocketing Ksh. 50,000 and the rest catered for logistics issues.

Arrow Bwoy fashionista

The budget never settled well with popular producer, Magix Enga. Claiming that the digi digi singer is bragging a lot while he never cleared studio session with his producer, Sifa.

Mseto East Africa decided to dig much deeper onto the issue. Sifa clarified that he was signed under Megix Empire Studios owned by Magix Enga as a producer. However, he left the label to do solo projects.

While under Magix Enga Studios,he had started Arrow Bwoy Fashionista project. When he left,he did so with the project. Adding that he was paid and had no issue with Arrow Bwoy.

After that clarification by producer Sifa,Magix Enga still is still not satisfied. He goes ahead to brand Arrow Bwoy as a broke artist that is bragging a lot. Adding that he made Arrow Bwoy the artist he is now.

Arrow Bwoy on his side holds that Magix Enga needs help. That he is suffering from depression and a clout chaser.

Keep it Vibe Mtaani as we follow up with Kenyan Showbiz news together with Magix Enga & Arrow Bwoy already started beef.