Rehema Safari famously known as Remmy Remmy is
An experienced Booty Loaded, Booblycious and Kenyan Curvy Model and Irish Beauty contestant. She Is a Crowned Winner of AFRO-EURO 2014.

The UK bred Model is also a paid video vixen, that features only in high-end classy and flassy music videos.

Remmy Seems to be Trouble this Time around, as she decides to share out her story one on one with The Tuvibe Kenya Chief Editors.

“Mahasidi wanataka kuniweka chini, ina maana kuwa mimi REMMY REMMY – international Model naandamwa tu bure bure sababu ya huu urembo wangu wote daah” ~ Remmy states as she opens up on what’s going on.

“All my social media accounts have been hacked down, i can’t access nor post anything, there’s someone who has been trying to access my Instagram and Facebook Accounts 3 times in a row” ~ She continues.

Trying to find out what led to her accounts being hacked, Remmy shared out that she was recently signed under a certain Agency that used to manage her as a Model and as a Brand, but later realized she was not benefiting from the Agency she decided to cancel her contract and leave the Agency.

Sooner had she left, she started noticing weird activities on her own Social Media Accounts, of someone trying to change the passwords 3-times, that’s when and why she decided to delete all her social accounts to avoid the hacker from accessing her private details and posting mischievous posts.

“Na mapenzi nayo?” ~ asked our Editor during the one on kne interview with Remmy.

It’s rumored that Remmy Remmy dumped his current Ex (a rich Mzungu) because the Mzungu never showed her love as she expected. Remmy shared that The Mzungu Boyfriend used most of his time with his friends and work and spared no time to spend with her Fiancé Remmy, a thing that angered Remmy leading to Dumping him.

” Sipendi mambo ya kukerwa, taking me for granted, taking too much time with his friends and work, nilimDump mimi, wanaume wengi wananitaka Huku nje”, Remmy was quoted.

Asked about her future love life plans, Remmy said that she’s planning to get married to a Billionaire that she’s already eyeing now.

“Nina urafiki na maBillionaire wengi waZungu huku niliko so sina haraka, ninapanga na kuplan yule nitakayemchagua na yule atayenifaa, mtamwona soon nikirudi mtandaoni, kwa saivi tulieni nyi Wambea nawajua”, Remmy said as she laughed.

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