Fahim styles is one dude that everyone guy needs to see in matters to do with hair. He is the official barber of Kenyan’s number one artist.

Fahim styles has been shaving Otile Brown weekly for four years now . The self spoken barber reveals the other side of just in love ceo that many of his fans rarely see. Fahim remembers well how his first encounter with Otile. Saying that there was less talking since the star was constantly on chating on his phone. Popular celebrity barber Erick One wash had referred Fahim to shave the singer.

After the shave,he packed and left to his place. After a week,he was called to give Otile Brown another shave. Something that kept going upto date. He doesn’t need to get a call since its his job now. Fahim shares that Otile Brown maintains 3 hair cuts. If you’re not keen,you will be mistaken thinking he has one hair style. The singer prefers Mohawk,box fade and slope styles.

Shaving the star weekly has made the two be close to an extent of sharing each other personal issues that remain confidential between them. Fahim acknowledges learning lots if stuff from the singer. One being able to dress decently. He has also learnt humility from Otile Brown.

The Burundi nationality reveals that hi boss is a nice guy despite what people share about him online. Adding that he is a cool guy that doesn’t talk much but prefers to sit back and relax.  Though he never disclosed how much he gets paid,he once received 100k as payment for a hair cut from the singer.

As a way of giving back to society, Fahim one day he went to Kibera and shaved the less fortune for free. Though he shaved almost 30 people,he wishes in future to have a team to shave more and also give some goodies to them.