Ezekiel Mutua Goes After Utawezana By Femi One

Utawezana mp3

Ezekiel Mutua has aired his views on Utawezana song by Femi One. He stated on his Facebook page that the song is just praising immorality and that the artist are covering it up by creativity. To him,he see’s nothing creative and that Femi One should be ashamed of herself.


The moral corp agrees that though a song can be in comic way , it shouldn’t necessarily be sexualized or made “dirty” to entertain the listeners.

Femi One and Mejja had good vibes in studio and Okonkwo came up with the idea of body shaming. The two jumped on the beat and thats how they nailed it,Utawezana. So far the song has received positive feedback and within a week it has garnered 2million views on YouTube.

However, Ezekiel Mutua didn’t talk about banning Utawezana but,they might be blacklisted to perform in any public event sponsored by the government.