Eko Dydda Exposed Badly By His Baby Mama

If awards for world’s most controversial gospel artists were to be held today, then our very own self-proclaimed gospel musicians would scoop position one to ten.

A day barely passes without hearing scandals from Kenyan gospel musicians.

Eko Dydda is the latest victim of the scandals and controversies surrounding the Kenyan gospel industry.
A while back, rumours were rife that Eko Dydda had kicked out his wife and kids from his house.

However, the award-winning singer refuted the claims citing that he was a Christian and he would never do such a thing Eko Dydda and Cynthia Ayugi have been married for over 7 years and are blessed with two sons who are also talented musicians.

Well, Cynthia has revealed that her marriage is on the rocks after exposing the gospel singer for cheating on her. She aired out her frustrations on her Instagram account by posting the message below.