DJ Creme Sends His Wife The Most Romantic Birthday Message Ever


Top Kenyan Deejay,DJ Creme took to his instagram to praise his wife during his birthday.

” This Picture right here makes me Thank and Praise God for You . I remember meeting you 12 Years Ago. Damn that’s such a long time,and here we are at this moment in time, Blessed with a beautiful family. You put in so much work to hold all of us together. 2 Kids with crazy energy, a husband who drives you up the wall most of the time.. . And It never gets easy but you always make it work. It sucks that I’m not there to celebrate today with you, it sucks much and you know I’d trade it all to be with you right now.. Enjoy today…Smile and Smile some more because on this day years ago a beautiful Gem was dropped into our world.. Jamari & Zawadi are so blessed to call you Mummy.. Im so Lucky to call you My Wife.. Happy Birthday Baby.. @deekingsky ”

Wow! that is such an awesome piece.

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