Do you know what CMB Prezzo means when he said,’Sio Rahisi Kuwa Rais?’

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Being a president is not a walk in the park. Today I wanna talk about His Rapcellency CMB Prezzo. Not the president in the high office in the land but, the president of entertainment industry in Kenya.

Straight from 2004,this guy has not faded away from the limelight. We have seen artists come,stay and fade away. Many have tried a comeback but, all in vain.

What makes Prezzo relevant after a decade in music?


Cmb Prezzo has always remained relevant in the streets. Talk about his swagg. From casual to official outfits, this guy can rock in any descent swag and roll easily.

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Before CMB Prezzo, many upcoming artists were struggling in wearing durag and sagging their buggy trousers.

Namba nane finest, Octopizzo can attest that Prezzo brought Swagg in the entertainment industry into a stand still.

Remember Prezzo goes to dubai for his shopping!

They say women are always behind any successful man. So who doesn’t want to be the first lady to the president.

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As a president you ought to have a taste for women something that Prezzo has perfected. Seeing the list of ladies that Prezzo has dated you will be shocked how stylist they are. The lady Goldie of Nigeria, Michelle Yola.

cmb prezzo songs

For a while CMB PREZZO has not been producing solo projects but has worked on collabos to make his name relevant. The collabos he has done truly shows that his input in the industry is important.

Here is the latest video from the rapper.


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The Naleta action rapper is not to controversies. In his own words,he says controversies look for him. There are a number of controversies Prezzo has been linked to. We will keep you updated on the same.