Both Chris Brown and Lil Wayne have had storied careers and they’re still going strong today. Albeit, Breezy has had a rougher go at things with all the lawsuits he’s faced in the last decade. Despite his legal troubles, Chris is still
striving in 2019. The singer is heading into Indigo season with his head held high and it feels as though every day,
he’s achieving something new. It should be surprising to absolutely nobody that Breezy has found success on the
Billboard charts. However, he’s just joined one of the GOATs on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay standings.

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Despite his spat with Offset in the comments section, Chris has been mostly positive on social media. When it
comes to his content, he’s been busy sharing all of the statistics he can find about his previous work. From chart
placements to how many plaques he’s received on that particular day, Chris has no problem letting people nw just how prosperous he’s been. Today, he posted a screenshot from Billboard announcing that he’s officially tied with Lil Wayne for the most Top 10’s on the R&B/
Hip-Hop Airplay chart. Breezy was excited about the news, telling everyone that he’s tied with the GOAT.

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