Cassper Nyovest Recalls His Worst Story That Happened 10 Years Ago

In my life as a Blogger,I have met many people. Some who are not know to anybody at all apart from few relatives and a bunch of friends. But due to my connection, they have gained in this entertainment industries be it media interviews, shows or event brand endorsement. But that’s the nature of my work that am proud of and don’t brag about it.

In this industry,some will help you and tell the public about how they helped you. Am a big fan of Cassper Nyovest but there is a story he shared that I have never know.

The rapper goes on to reveal how he was kicked out of his flat cause of rent issues. He had no one to tell but his friend. And 10 years ago his career was not at peak. So he had many challenges to beat. His good friend Nissy P Prada. Whats funny is that Cassper stayed with Nissy for one full year! She spared a room for Cassper without her father’s knowledge. This is because it was her father who was paying rent.

I love this story and Nissy P Prada because, after all the good thing he did to Cassper,she never revealed this anywhere. Isn’t that a great friend?

If you’re a true fan , you would know this story. About 10 years ago i was evicted from my flat cause i couldnt pay rent and i was busy crying telling my friend what was happening in my life and she immediately says “no man speesh, as she would call me, don’t cry my brother, come move in with me until you find your feet.” She did this without her father’s knowledge even though he was paying for the flat so we would have to hide it from him everytime he would visit for about a year. The other bedroom would be locked so he doesn’t notice. She did this out of the goodness of her heart cause she loved me and believed in my dream. We became so close that people thought we were dating. Not once has she ever reminded me of what she did for me but when i hear her name, i feel like crying cause she saved my life and my career as she would always gas me up saying you’re the greatest bro, one day they will know. Bro , i love you for life. Happy birthday to my sister! My goon! NISSY P Prada!!! You getting old bro!!! 30 isnt childs play!!! Hahah mwah @nissysebego