Brenda Wairimu Breaks Up With Juliani Almost A Decade In Relationship

Actress Brenda Wairimu has decided to move on with life after her relationship with his baby dady hit the rock. The two have been together for in a serious relationship for eight years. Early 2018 there were rumors that her and Juliani had broken up. Brenda later explained that the two had minor issues and that they were back together.

Their love relationship was so private that it was that hard to know what was going on. It was not until a recent interview with Pulser that Brenda confessed that she was done with Juliani.

The mother of one has it that she is slowly learning how to date again. Eight years is not a nature walk,especially if you are a public figure. However, she continues to say that she is not desperate and not in a hurry but,incase she gets in another serious relationship, she is in for it.