Billnass has tattooed Nandy’s name on his left shoulder. The two artists were lovers back then. Though many have not seen it, Nandy shared it on her snapchat. She took a video of Billnass being tattooed.

Nyimbo mpya

I can’t believe what am seeing. That he gonna have my tatoo on his body forever.

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Billnass shared on IG a picture of him being tatooed. He didn’t disclosed much details but a simple caption that, he just loves her. His comment section filled with speculation that it’s non other than Nandy.

Billnass move has been received with much backlash including from his fellow artists.

I shared a story earlier about the two former lovers. Where Nandy is single but Billnass is busy sinking his love relationship for the sake of Ninogeshe singer. He has done this before and he won’t hesitate to do so again.

Nandy & Billnass love can be equatable to Chris Brown and Rihanna past love drama

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