Billnass na Nandy
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Billnass is such another pain in the a$$ fellow. He doesn’t want anything that comes in between him and African Princess,Nandy. So Billnass was that unsecure that he had not to wait further to express his love to Nandy.

Billnass and Nandy

While Ninogeshe singer was performing at a local show,Billnass feet couldn’t relax no more. He proposed him.

We have been together for a long. Shared both good and bad memories. I know your worst and your best. I have chosen your both sides. I love you.

Filled with emotions, Nandy couldn’t resist but accept the proposal.

Billnass na Nandy

This makes me to conclude
that Bill Nenga never moved on from Nandy . This is despite having his now immediate ex girlfriend present during their video shoot,Bugana.

On the other side,Nandy had a thing with the late Ruge. A marriage between the two went south after the media personality demise. She was then linked to kenyan Willy Paul during their two killer chemistry videos,Njiwa and Hallelujah.

Billnass na Nandy

We are waiting for the wedding bells between Billnass and Nandy that might likely go down anytime this year.