Hon.Charles Njagua Kanyi alias Jaguar is one kind of a person with a big heart. Despite his constant hits he has given us,his role in naturing new artists is something we can’t take for granted.

Nyimbo mpya

My Dream

From Main Switch records,this is where we learn of Jaguar magical voice . Vivian was on going with her recording and was to be a solo project. Unknowingly, Jaguar listened to the song and liked it. Without informing Vivian, he had his vocals in.

The song was huge and beyond Vivian’s wildest dream. Since then Vivian has not looked back. Mrembo amevuka border.

Take It Slow

Jaguar teamed up with Coast based singer,Zikki and worked on Take it slow. The song was received well and was on rotation for long.

Before that collaboration, nobody new Zikki in the Kenyan music industry. Zikki has done well since then and he has also done an international collabo with respected artist,Tarrus Rilley.

Barua Kwa Rais

Sudi was doing so well in coastal region and some parts of the country. He used to blend very well with Rabbit back then. Most thought they were a duo.

Jaguar,in Barua Kwa Rais gave Sudi that national platform and many opportunities come knocking to Sudi. However,am not sure if Sudi met the president!

Nikuvishe Pete

One of the best collabos that Jagur has ever did. Who knew Lubusia before this collabo with Jaguar?

This is the project that Jaguar did while in his first term as a sitting Member of Parliament,Starehe Constituency.

Nobody dreamt of Jaguar doing a collabo or even shows apart from legislation tasks and representing his constituents.