Beautiful Alicios Theluji The Worldwide Citizen

You will find her in Kenya, Tanzanian, Congo and some other countries in Europe. Many might wonder why is it Alicious Theluji travels a lot? Well today Vibe Mtaani Gossip dives into the issue.

Yabolingo recording artist is originally from DR Congo. Due to clashes that left the country torn,many of her citizens were left displaced. That’s how the mother of one found her way in Nairobi Kenya,her second home. On a lighter note,Nairobi is the only place Alicious can’t use google maps to find her way.

The Congolese singer was born in 1987 and attended St. Mary’s School. She sings in swahili and Lingala fluently.

Studies and business have also made the 33 years old singer travel the world. To mention, she has studied politics and economics among other disciplines.

Talking about music,in some way it has enabled her to tour the world. Her video Niambie was shot in Belgium where also her family members stay. Currently she is in Sweden where her mother resides.