Bahati Does Everything Diana Orders Him To Do

So far Bahati and Diana have stayed in marriage for like 5 years. The two are blessed with one kid,Heaven Bahati and in a few months they will be welcoming their second child.

I think staying in marriage for a period of 5 years or lesd than 20 years,someone has not gathered much experience to advice others.

Nowadays,Bahati is all about his marriage and giving advice to boy child. However, his advices are taken in a sarcastic way. Nobody takes him serious since he married someone who is big in age than him.

While on a live interview at NTV,this is what Baha had to say. That inorder for you to be happy in marriage like him,you should do what your wife says,whenever! How many men out here can follow such an advice?

You know women are the ones who run our homes. Whatever they say should go. By the way, advise to men out there, dear men, if you want to survive, if you want to be happy like me and not stressed like Samir, pleas allow your wife to hen-peck you. That way, your marriage will be happy.