Bahati Biggest Breakthrough And Regrets


Bahati is one of the most decorated artist in Kenya. He has come from a humble background and made strides in the industry. In an interview with Mzazi Tuva, Bahati revealed his biggest breakthrough and regrets in the music industry.

Sitting on the president’s seat at Kasarani was his biggest moment in life. This triggered him to dream of running for the seat in the future. This event happened when he was entertaining Jubilee delegates when former President Uhuru Kenyatta was seeking to be reelected for his second and final time.

It is at Kasarani that Bahati’s regrettable moments coincidentally happened. While engaging the top government officials, he made a blunder that was deliberate. Bahati pulled the then Deputy President’s wife Ruto to dance with,he removed her cap to adjust it in a celebrity style. Her hair unfortunately was not made. This turn of events, still haunts Bahati to date.

By the time Bahati was doing his interview at the Mambo Mseto show, he had not met with the current First Lady to apologize.

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