Baba Levo Confirms Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu Are Lovers


Diamond Platnumz close confidant has spilled the beans about his boss. Baba Levo revealed that Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu Are Lovers.

However, he wondered why his boss has not yet decided to wed the singer. Adding that Zuchu has everything that man can wish from a woman.

It is about time now, Diamond should get married to Zuchu. People say it is bad for their music business but look at Nandy and Billnas aren’t they musicians? On my side diamond should tie the knot with Zuchu, She is a good girl, she has things that men want I don’t know what’s wrong with my boss.

Baba Levo

Baba Levo was answering questions from media during Nandy and Billnass Wedding event.

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