Femi One Utawezana Song Verses Azziad Nasenya


Azziad and Femi One have been a topic of discussion lately. This is in concern towards Utawezana song. Many online users think the lass should be given a tip.

Femi Uno defends her move of not giving Azziad anything because she thinks the song was huge even before Utawezana challenge by Azziad. That it was so big and fans like Azziad jumped on it. Me thinks it was a person decision to either pay or not to the ever smiling chic.

Lets all agree that without Femi One Utawezana song Azziad was barely known. Also Azziad Nasenya video on utawezana challenge hugely impacted the song, that’s a fact. It was Azziad dance moves on that tune that featured Mejja made check out the original song. Reaching 5 million views in Kenya over a short period of time is nothing easy. The song has seen also the Kaka Empire rapper reach 100k plus subscribers on YouTube.

Credible sources to Vibe Mtaani Gossip have learnt that the Tik Tok queen already had a manager before her fame. Having no signed agreements down between the two parties,I think Azziad and Femi One payment issue should not be of any importance. Provided we give credit where its deseved and support each other. Some haters are even waiting to see if the already promised hit song by Femi One will hit a million views.

The actress was promised a T-shirt but afterwards she received a gift hamper courtesy of Femi.

In a honest opinion, the sing created a win win situation for the two ladies. Azziad has been receiving many deals while Utawezana song alone is estimated to have made a cool Ksh.3 million from the 5 million views it has so far garnered.

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