Ally Mahaba and Akeelah are two vibrant artists that their latest music has skyrocketed very fast. It’s an uphill task for coast music to penetrate in Nairobi as well as other parts of Kenya. Ujitume has risen above all odds to be accepted within a short span of time. Ally Mahaba has been in the music industry while Akeelah,she has bearing done a year.

The song is advises people to hustle especially those in relationships. Instead of waiting for shortcuts in life like being sponsored you getter bet something good to do.

Akeelah & ally mahaba - ujitume mp3

Mwende Macharia of Radio Maisha has termed Ujitume as the song of the year so far.

Listening to Akeelah,her voice is top notch and many rank her alongside Tanzania’s finest Nandy. Being her first project,I look forward seeing what she has in store for Kenya. With the pace she has set in Inatosha sonv,I definitely believe there is much from her. Subscribe on her YouTube channel and anxiously wait for some good music.

Akeelah & Ally Mahaba together are signed under ATL Record Label.

Akeelah hails from Golini,Kwale County and has done variousvmusic covers including Naenjoy Cover and ATE originally songs of Aslay.