And Nabayet Sadly Rejects Otile Brown Apology

After a sweet song in form of an apology, Otile Brown efforts of winning back Nabayet have been fruitless.

This is after unexpected move by the Ethiopian lady. For Nabayet,love is not a game,that when you lose,you play again and try to win. For her,she suffered a heartbreak that was caused by no other person apart from Otile. And for her to heal, it will take more than a song. Maybe someone crawl to Ethiopia?

Here is what Nabayet had to say about Otile Brown apology;

Dear in-laws y’all are the sweetest and I have seen your kind words and unwavering support since day one and I have no idea what I did to deserve such love. However, love is not a game, heartbreak is no joke. It’s going to take a lot more than a song to heal and rekindle. My heart will always beat for him but unfortunately life has brought us here. I appreciate the effort, I really do. It takes one hell of a man to put aside pride and apologise. Maybe one day we will cross paths again. OB I am forever grateful for you. I will always be praying for your success and wishing you all the best in life