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If there is music in Kenya that is heading nowhere,then its gospel music. Most Kenyan gospel artists are hypocrates starting with their ‘Chairman Alex Ringtone Apoko’

nyimbo mpya download

As other secular artists are busy switching lanes to gospel music,Singer Ivlyn Mutua has decided not to do more gospel tunes. What can we term that as ? I have no problem with her move. However, her reason for ditching gospel music is what has left me in surprise.

Ivlyn Mutua

It was the other day the kamba girl was under Jimmy Gait mentorship. Things are changing out here very fast. She was nominated in 2015 by groove awards in a song they did with Hopekid,Delilah. Also she was part of Kuna Day Remix.

The Sham Sham singer says that she is only doing contemporary music. Her parests and where they do worship have no problem with her move.

I am a contemporary artist who will be singing about everything and not just Jesus, I still live for Christ but decided to do a career change.