Alikiba Shares More After Cheed And Killy Left His Label

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Just a day after Killy and Cheed left Kings Music Records, Ali Kiba has aired his part of the story.


Kiba terms the move come as no surprise to him. The two artists had shared their decision two hours before they posted it online.

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Alikiba says that he had invested a lot of cash on the artistes to grow their careers. As a way of helping them like his young ones,he saw no need to tie they with contracts. And whenever they go he wishes them the very best. About their music,they own the rights to their songs and Ally won’t be a barrier to their path. What ia rightfully theirs,they will definitely get it but,he won’t need anything from them. All he wishes for them is success.

Kings Music is more like a school. I lived with them like brothers and teaching where possible. Now that they seen they have graduated,they left. Let us wish them the very best for now.